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Health, Quality and Safety Commitment

Prism Response, Inc. commitment to the health and safety of its employees is rooted at the corporate level, and administered through our dedicated Health, Quality & Safety Department, headed by an individual holding both a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) designations.  Our goal is zero incidents through continuing education and training, both regulatory, and job specific as well as internal field and paper audits of projects.

Our philosophy was to move from a “typical” health and safety policy to the development of a state of the art Health, Quality, and Safety program to provide the foundation and framework to educate, monitor and control health, quality and safety of Prism’s operations.

The result of this philosophy is “PRISM”, (Prism’s Resource, Information and Safety Management program), which is a comprehensive guide for executives, managers, and field supervision.  This proprietary program has been developed over a number of years, and drawing on the experience of some of our more senior managers.

As part of our overall Health, Quality & Safety program, Near Miss reporting is a significant component which shows that Supervisors and Managers in the field can identify near misses, are not fearful of reporting, and Prism then uses these as training material through our “Lessons Learned” program.

Prism continues to build a great reputation of client satisfaction, excellent project delivery capabilities and a culture of employee safety.  We believe that building on these core qualities will be instrumental in the future growth and potential of Prism.